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Sunday, 7 November 2010

Top Valentine's Day Gift Idea - Boudoir Photography

Top Valentine's Day Gift Idea - Boudoir Photography

Valentine's Day is an ideal holiday to romantically scheme how to top the last gift exchanged with your significant other. The regular Valentine's Day gifts, such as preparing someone's favorite dinner, giving flowers and receiving a couple's massage, are good notions; but why not add an unconventional twist.

Why not present him/her with a glamour shot of yourself. The photograph is a treasured present admired by your lover forever. It is timeless, unbreakable and never outdated. So where do you start? How do you pick the right photographer? What should you expect?

Here are a few basic tips guiding you in the right direction and answering some of the most common questions about boudoir photography sessions.

How to Pick the Right Glamor Shot Photographer

Picking the right photographer is the first step in setting up the photo shoot, but it is also the hardest if you are unsure what to look for. Start with reviewing the potential photographer's work. Check out the quality of the shots. What is the dominant style? Is it similar to what you had in mind? Is there a wide variety of shots to choose from based on the photographer's prior work?

How many shots do you receive with the pricing? Be thorough. Ask for references. Find out if the photographer implements Photoshop to enhance the results. Enquire about looking at before and after pictures.

Additionally, find out how many people are included on the crew. If the staff is too large, or too little, then you may feel uncomfortable. You may feel more at ease with a female and male photographer together so you may attain two different perspectives.

Find photographers who truly understand what you are attempting to attain and choose them. The more comfortable you are during the shoot, the better you shall look. If you are nervous, it will show on your face.

What to Wear to the Shoot

When you are consulting with your photographer, discuss what type of look you with to obtain. There are various directions to choose in this route. For example, your man might have a favorite NFL team/player. Therefore, you may wish to wear your lover's favorite NFL jersey in the shoot and nothing else.

Perhaps you want to do a more revealing shoot or one with lingerie, talk about what is appropriate to wear. There are many options in the clothing category, thus, make it fun. Do not fret. Just be prepared the day of the shoot with the outfits previously agreed upon for it will save time in the end.

The Day of the Shoot

Prepare to leave your house early. You do not want to rush and forget a needed accessory, makeup, hairpins and/or shoes. Furthermore, it is difficult to predict traffic buildup and you do not want to discover halfway to the location you are stuck in a traffic jam. Thus, leave early and avoid the stress.

If the shoot is in the morning, eat a good breakfast. If it is later in the day, then eat a light lunch. Either way, eat enough so you do not lose energy halfway through the shoot. You need to sustain yourself throughout the entire session.

Check out boudoir photography for your Valentine's gift idea today.

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